Welcome message from president of aspa

The Asian Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists (ASPA) was formed 1999 by a small group of paediatric anaesthesiologists in Asia who saw a need to provide a platform to encourage interaction, share information and experiences and address gaps in paediatric anaesthesia care that are unique to Asian countries.

Over the years, programmes aimed at upholding standards in paediatric resuscitation (PerioPerative Life Support workshop) and yearly conferences held in Asian countries to allow easy access to new developments in Paediatric Anaesthesia were arranged.

However, in the last 2 years, the Covid pandemic has impacted our lives and disrupted our education programme as countries struggle to cope with caring for the covid stricken. However, limitations to travel and social distancing has not dampened ASPA’s desire to remain steadfast to our commitment to teaching.

Growing more resilient and united as we emerge from our setbacks from Covid, ASPA has adapted quickly and we are happy to welcome everyone to ASPA 2021 conference- A Virtual Experience as we try to Navigate New Frontiers to Improve Paediatric Anaesthesia Outcome in Asia.

The 800 conference registrant list is a strong proof of our Asian spirit and commitment to learn in order to care better for all our children in Asia.

I wish everyone well and hope that you will have a wonderful experience at the ASPA 2021 conference.

Dr Josephine TAN
President, ASPA (2021 – 2023)

Senior Consultant
Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia
KK Women's and Children's Hospital